What are you doing...

to help sell your home? What are some easy and mostly free things you, as the home owner, can do to help your R. E agent present your home to the market at its absolute best?

Well, I have FOUR words for you... Declutter. Clean. Light. Stage.

Firstly, declutter every surface/cupboard/closet/shelf. Put it all in a box or two and store it at your mums, or bin it, recycle it, donate it, sell it, give it away....whatever you do - get rid of your clutter. No one wants to see your extensive CD/dvd collection, your magazines collection from 1985 to 2015, your old paint tins, hobby clutter, your collection of figurines, boxes of old clothes and shoes, and anything else that clutters your bench tops, your book shelves, your cupboards, wardrobes and closets. Just hide it, store it or remove it and your agent will love you. While you are there, take all the coupons, notes, etc, off the fridge as well and any other surface where "stuff" is taking over.

Clean....lets face it, a clean home is an easier home to sell. Clean every surface, windows, bathrooms, kitchens (extra attention in these two spaces) and get carpets commercially cleaned, if required. Now is the time to also tidy up/repair any minor dents, scrapes and cracks that need fixing/repairing. Clean also means tackling the garage, the laundry, the sleep-out, sheds and the garden/deck/patio...remove weeds, dead trees, do the edges, stain or paint (or waterblast) outdoor furniture and mow the lawns and get rid of anything mouldy, dead, piled up in a corner or smelly.

Light. Let the light in. Retract all blinds, curtains, sheers and drapes and let the light into every room. Make sure all the lights are working and bulbs are not blown. Turn on all the lights for the the Open Home. If trees or shrubs are blocking the light from windows, then trim them.

Finally....Stage it. Unless you are 100% confident that your furnishings and home decor are going to attract your target buyers, and your furniture will showcase your home in its very best light (to attract the top $$ buyers)... take your R.E agent's advice and stage your home with a reputable firm. It will not only look more attractive in photos, it will attract more people to view it and also allow people to imagine your home as their stylish new home. There is loads of research on house price comparisons for staged vs non-staged homes, and it is a no-brainer in my opinion..

If this all looks like hard work, never fear...I can get my team on the job and we can tackle all these jobs for you. But, if you really want to help your R.E agent get you the best price for your home, then start with some old fashioned elbow-grease

and a list of tasks...declutter then clean, and then...stage your home (if you can). Then you will know you have done everything you can to help sell your home for the best possible price!

Disclosure..this is very general advice for a "well loved" family home (and is my opinion only). I suggest speaking with your R.E agent first, or feel free to ask me what is best for your unique situation and your own home.

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