Win-win or win-lose? It depends who you are...

One of the things I have noticed in my first year of Real Estate is that you get to talk to a LOT of people and you also get to observe a lot of people - other agents, members of the public, buyers and sellers and a lot of other professionals. I have come to a personal conclusion that most people seem to be operating from a "win/lose" (if you win therefore I lose) or the opposite "win/win" (we can both win here) model at the core of their being. I operate from a win/win is a huge part of who I am. I like to see a result where everyone gains something they want/need and everyone is happy with the outcome. I feel I have done my job well when past buyers become future sellers, when sellers become loyal referrers and when both buyers and sellers hug me when we meet. That is what is important to me.

People ask me how I feel about being in "sales". But selling houses isn't about selling. Well, for me, it isn't. It's about building relationships. It is problem solving, hassle eliminating, advice giving and being a friend/support, too. It is negotiating difficult and delicate deals and being trusted with private information. It is communication - talking with people, not at them. It is sharing in the decision making process not bull dozing through with your view because you are the "expert". It is being a trusted adviser. It is being a part of other people's most joyous and also at times most challenging and saddest moments and respecting that great honour. It is doing your absolute best for your vendor (seller) in all aspects but it is also working closely with the buyers and ensuring they are feeling included, important, and involved and that you are genuinely trying to broker an outcome that will assist them to purchase the home they want. That is what Real Estate is to me... making new lifelong friends, one house at a time.

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