Adding Value to your home...

How to get the most $$ in your pocket!

While new bathrooms, kitchens and decks are almost always going to add value, there are other simple and relatively cost effective things anyone can do to add value to their home.These will ensure a faster sale and a better price.


This image clearly shows how important it is to declutter and also how placement of furniture can be effective ways to add value. Other things you can do include spring cleaning, making small repairs and painting walls and ceilings. These can really add thousands of dollars to your home's value and make it far easier to sell.  I can help. No pressure just good practical and free advice.

Using my design eye and creative flair combined with my renovating experience, I can help visualize your home and assist in suggestions to improve its value for sale.


There are simple things that will make it stand out from the crowd so if you are stuck and not sure what to do, or your home is not selling, or you are not getting offers that you are happy with, talk to me confidentially and at no cost and no pressure. I know lots of ways to add value from best value renovating suggestions to decluttering and reusing your furniture in a different way. .

For more ideas...follow my Pinterest board for more tips on how to add value to your home to get the best price and make your home more saleable.

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